There are many invisible body accessories on the market today. The seven basic body accessories are oils, perfumes, colognes, toilette waters, aftershaves, soaps, and lotions/crèmes.

Oils are the strongest scent on the market today.   Some people with extra dry skin make oils their favorite body accessory, even though; it is very difficult to remove the scent from clothing. This scent should last 24 hours; if not, the oils have been cut with some type of carrier oil.

Perfume is the second strongest scent on the market.   Since many people with dry skin do not retain fragrance well, perfume may be the second preferred choice. Perfume should last all day; if not, get one that does.

Cologne, on the other hand, is less concentrated.   It has a more delicate scent and does not last long. It is by far the most requested invisible body accessory today; our colognes, more concentrated, last 4 to 8 hours.

Eau de toilette or toilette water is similar to colognes and perfumes, but less potent. Toilet water is an excellent choice when it comes to a 1 or 2 hour evening engagement. Because of the built in disappearing act of toilette water, one’s spouse does not have to inhale a potent amount of fragrance during bedtime. Toilette water use is the most misunderstood in the perfume family.

Many aftershaves have antibacterial properties in them. Men use aftershaves for its healing abilities to combat Knicks and cuts from shaving.   Aftershaves, like toilette waters, have a staying power of 1 to 2 hours after each application.

Soaps, matching designers’ fragrances, are a great way to introduce your body to a popular scent. Soap is the most delicate of all scented products. While the scent does not last beyond an hour on most people, it is still an excellent way to scent the body at a fraction of the cost.

With scented lotions/crèmes one can afford a variety of many diffident scents. A good scented lotion/crème should last 2 to 4 hours. A concentrated lotion/crème should last all day. With so many changes of wardrobe throughout the day or evening, one could easily accumulate three or more types of lotions/crèmes to fit his/her lifestyle.

Choosing a good scent or scents, sometimes, takes a considerable amount of time when it comes right down to mirroring your image.   Smart shopping is of paramount importance when seeking out basement bargains. For example, considering an 8 oz. lotion, as oppose to 1 oz. toilette water, is a great way to measure some serious dollars and cents.